BP Logistics used to transport many oversized-heavylift cargo from/to Phu Quoc island, especially heavy machine, equipment for a lot of project here. But this time we shipped special passengers – 4 overheight baby giraffes.

The passengers with the height of 2.95m can make difficulties to some carriers to moving them on Phu Quoc’s road due to the limited height of the wire system in this island. However, thanks to our farmiliarity with almost all route of Phu Quoc, everything have been done smoothly and safely.

Firstly, we ultilized a crane truck to lift the giraffe cages from the ground onto truck and haul them through a narrow lane. Then, the cages were hauled to Phu Quoc port where the lowbed trailer run into landing vessel. The passengers continued the journey of approximately 750km on road before taking the ferry from Nha Trang city to Hon Tre island. We also arranged for lifting off at the destination.

Hope that they will enjoy their new life at the beautiful island.

vận chuyển hàng quá khổ

vận chuyển hàng quá khổ

Vận chuyển hàng quá khổ