Petrol prices today February 19, down at the beginning of the session: WTI threshold $59.74 per barrel; Brent crude $63.93 per barrel.


Crude oil prices unexpectedly fell despite many supportive signals.

Update gasoline prices at the beginning of the morning of February 19 with the latest information. Oil prices unexpectedly returned to the downward momentum despite a sharp drop in U.S. crude inventories last week.

World gasoline prices today (19/2)

In this morning’s trading session, February 19 (Vietnam time), oil prices continued to fall after recording a drop of more than 1% at the end of yesterday’s session as investors massively took profits after days of constantly rising prices, despite a sharp drop in U.S. crude inventories.

WTI crude fell $0.78 per barrel, or 1.29 percent, to $59.74 a barrel; Brent crude fell $0.41 per barrel, or 0.64 percent, to $63.93 a barrel.

As a result, oil prices earlier in the session fell simultaneously as Brent has risen four sessions in a row, WTI has risen three sessions as of yesterday and is also forecast to continue to rise sharply during the week.

The state of Texas entered its sixth day of the freezing cold freeze. It has shut down about a fifth of the nation’s refinery capacity and shut down statewide production of oil and natural gas.

“The temporary shutdown will help accelerate U.S. oil reserves to a five-year average faster than expected,” said Bjarne Schieldrop, SEB’s lead cargo analyst.

At the same time, the Energy Information Agency also said, U.S. crude oil inventories fell 7.3 million barrels last week, more than twice as high as analysts’ expectations of a 2.4 million barrel drop.

Crude oil exports also rose to 3.9 million barrels per day, the highest since March.

“The market may have been one step ahead when investors sold off to enjoy high prices, but with the current developments, there is still a scenario of price increases when extreme weather causes widespread power outages in the US, causing oil production to be disrupted.”

How do domestic gasoline prices move today?

The selling price of petroleum products in the country today is applied according to the adjusted period from 15h on 11/2/2021.

Thus, the selling price of popular consumer petroleum products is as follows: E5 RON 92 gasoline is not higher than VND 16,309 per liter, RON 95-III gasoline is not higher than VND 17,270/liter, diesel 0.05S is not higher than VND 13,042/liter, kerosene is not higher than VND 11,908/liter, mazut 180CST 3.5S oil is not higher than VND 12,622/kg.